Details of Web Designs by Kate

Fees for Services: $50.00 per hour or Proposal Fee


Needs Assessment:
Click into our Web Design Needs Assessment page to discern what you really need in a website.

May I be of Service as your WebMaster?
After looking over the needs assessment checklist and filling out our form, a phone consultation between myself and the client will be scheduled to initiate the webdesign creation process.  The consultation will allow us to tweak the website requirements and to fully discern if I may be of service to the potential client.  Once a working relationship is established and I understand the full scope of website requirements, I will generate and submit a proposal outlining the complete scope of work.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, seventy-five percent of the proposal amount is due previous to beginning work. All content text, images, etc must be provided as soon as possible by the client. Typically a new website is online for review within seven days from receipt of initial payment. The client must then review the new website and work with the webmaster (me) to fine-tune the website and fulfill the scope of work. The fine-tuning time frame is seven to fourteen days. Upon completion of the scope of work the final twenty-five percent of the proposal is due.

Every effort is made to create the website and internet presence the client desires and complete the scope of work within fourteen - thirty days. This will be determined by how quickly the website can be reviewed by the client to initiate changes.

In the event the client does not provide all necessary information to complete the website within sixty days of initiation, the final payment of twenty-five percent will become due and maintenance fees will apply to perform any further work on the website.

The proposal will include:
  Detailed scope of web design work
  Proposal Fee
  Any options that may be on the table (adds) and the fee for them
  A tentative time frame schedule to complete the website
  Maintenance work description, payment structure and fees for it
  Hosting fee, payment structure and when the fee will begin

Additional Notes
  All proposals have an expiration date.
  All payments must be made through PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

Website Hosting:  
Web Designs by Kate offers website hosting service with a comfort level and security of online service through prompt technical support and prompt maintenance.  Our servers are NOT in the garage - they are maintained by a highly educated staff of technicians using state of the art equipment.

Fees for Hosting Service:
One Website:  $9.95 per month
Two Websites:  $16.95 per month
Three Websites:  $21.95 per month

Web Designs by Kate will register your domain name, set up email accounts for you, design and build your website to your specifications. We recommend to register your domain name. 

Hosting is invoiced on the sixteenth of the month for the following month of service.  Payment is due upon receipt through PayPal.

Website Maintenance: 
Web Designs by Kate offers maintenance and website updates with a three to four day turnaround of work.  Services are invoiced at $50.00 per hour and billed at 15 minute increments.  Rush updates are subject to 20% of the invoice.

Request for maintenance and changes is an authorization of work at the above rate. Every effort is made to complete work within three to four business days. Maintenance is invoiced twice monthly: on the sixteenth and the first day of the month. Payment is due upon receipt through PayPal.

Maintenance Fees Include:
  Website changes, updates and adds
  Research for anything requested by client
  Phone conversations concerning client's business and website - brain storming
NOTE:  no charge for personal emails or chat

NOTE:  Clients who already have a website and are seeking maintenance/updates only must supply a $200 deposit prior to commencement of work.

Website or SEO Consulting:
Web Designs by Kate offers website or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting services.  Your website will be reviewed and suggestions for website updates and/or SEO will be documented or verbally relayed to the client.  All consulting services are $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum to be paid before consultation services are rendered.  Any overage of time will then be invoiced based on the $50.00 per hour rate.

Invoicing and Payment: 
Invoicing for maintenance is billed twice monthly: on the sixteenth and the first day of the month.

Invoicing for hosting is billed on the sixteenth of the month for the following month.

Payment is due upon receipt through PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

Unpaid accounts over 30 days are subject to a monthly late charge of $10.00.

NOTE:   All work is copied and pasted - not retyped.  By accepting work performed or services agreed upon, client assumes full responsibility for proofreading and accuracy of documents. Any errors or omissions found, thereafter, will be corrected on the next business day.

Confidentiality keeps me in business. Nothing will be disclosed without consent of the client. 

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